Tips For Starting a Shot Glass Collection

Anyone looking to start a new hobby should most certainly consider collecting shot glasses. I find it to be immeasurably more fun than the more common stamp or coin collections that everyone seems to have. The fact that shots of alcohol can be drunk from the items of your collection is what makes shot glasses the coolest things to collect.


Aside from that, shot glasses come in all kinds of different sizes and shapes and with various types of engravings and pictures on them. A collection of such shot glasses displayed in your living room will be an object of envy to your friends and a topic of many conversations.

How to Collect Shot Glasses

There are many different ways by which you can get your hands on shot glasses. However, for someone looking to start collecting, the best way to do it would be to pick them up on your travels. Try to find a shot glass from each new place you visit.

You could find them in souvenir shops or small bars and pubs. Collecting them in this way ensures that each shot glass will bring back a memory and will have a story to tell, and such a collection will be an invaluable tribute to your travels. There are other ways to get shot glasses such as through the internet, and as your collection grows and you’re looking for specific types of glasses and so on, you could explore these avenues.

What to Do With the Collection

Once you have a collection that’s big enough, you would want to display it. While collecting shot glasses is fun in itself, it’s also great to display it and share the fun with your friends. How you display it is actually very important. The best way to display it is probably to keep them in display cases designed especially for shot glasses. Such cases look classy and they bring out the best from your collection. If you went about your collection the right way, a lot of the shot glasses will have their own stories regarding the place you got it from or the trouble you went to get it. To share these stories with your visitors, it’s important to display them well.

The Heroic Deeds of a Microwave Cart


I have never been so grateful for a microwave cart until I lived in a home smaller than many people’s master bathrooms. I remember the day perfectly. Walking into my newly rented apartment the smell of paint made me ecstatic for the new life I would be starting. I began to unpack my things and as my friend brought my microwave up the stairs I told him to set it on the counter. Little did I know that the counter where the microwave would spend its days was the only counter space in the kitchen. I have been able to find ideas for organizing small spaces surprisingly at this website for microwave carts.

For those of you who are gourmet chefs or those of you who occasionally venture into your kitchen microwave a Hot Pocket, you realize counter space is essential for functioning normally. Well, as my gigantic microwave took up the only space in my kitchen, I began to feel as if it was taking over the whole room, growing bigger every night. This simply wouldn’t work for the next year until my lease was up.

Within the next few days of living in that apartment I ventured over to Target. Initially intending to buy only clothes hangers, I stumbled upon a microwave cart in the home section. “Brilliance,” I exclaimed! I eagerly purchased the cart and easily set it up. I stuck it next to the empty wall by the fridge and proceeded to put my microwave on the top. As an added bonus, my recent purchase could hold other items such as my blender, crockpot, and toaster. Although it might seem like an exaggeration, that microwave cart probably saved my sanity while I lived in that apartment.

For those of you living in smaller spaces, how do you organize your stuff so you aren’t tripping over things at every turn? If you haven’t already, make sure you see the list of cart reviews here. While a microwave cart can save you valuable counter and cupboard space in your kitchen, other rooms need just as much attention when it comes to optimizing your space. Don’t be afraid to put up shelves everywhere, in the bathroom, bedroom, and living area. Shelves reduce clutter and allow for valuable things to be placed up out of the way. If you have a bike and don’t feel comfortable leaving it locked up outside, hang it from the ceiling! This will allow for a somewhat bulky object to be out of the way and accessible for when you do need it. Living with limited square footage can be challenging, but with the right techniques and innovations, it can become suited for any lifestyle.

Who’s Actually Wearing Military Style Jackets?

If you thought that military style jacket hanging in the closet was out of style, think again. The military style jacket is here to stay for a long time and will surface periodically. Recent trends show different celebrities sporting the fashion at different functions yearly. Recent findings are as close as the golden globe awards where the military jacket was in full use.

Designers are dressing their models in the latest fashion of the military style jacket before they walk down the catwalk. You can find plenty of pictures from New York where celebrities are sporting the military style jacket while stepping out.

Men and women in the fashion scene continue to wear military jackets as a style of choice. It is not difficult to find the styles in everyday use. The continued designs keep military jackets popular by offering new looks that capture the true meaning of fashion.

Celebrities find the design to be in style and a safe choice when walking into the spotlight of the cameras. Seeing the design brings around new and enthusiastic followers wanting to wear the most popular fashions in the market.

Military style jackets are a reliable choice when picking out a trendy jacket. The design has been tried and standing true to its users. There is no question the style offers a slick and savvy appearance that yields an attractive appeal.

The jacket in the closet is never going out of style. Keep it clean and ready to wear because you never know when the next huge celebrity will choose to wear the versatile style that will ignite the next round of popularity. You may find you will own several styles, colors and designs that offer a larger choice of the fashionable jacket. The jacket is a great look and has its place in the fashion world repeatedly.